Billy Onair Photography

​Everyone has a Beautiful Side – The Portraits. For me, less is more. As a portrait photographer, I am out to discover the beauty in everyone I photograph. Keeping the lighting and composition as simple as possible, my efforts are directed towards capturing the sparkle in the eyes, the slight movement of hair, the priceless expressions, and the pose – this is how I make my portraits last a lifetime.​Each Couple Has Their Own Story – The Wedding Photography

I specialise in the photojournalistic + portrait photography style when it comes to the weddings I cover. My job at the weddings is to create a sequence of photographs that beautifully portray the unique story of the bridal couple. A story that explains the inimitable interaction between them, the moments they share, and the emotions they experience. I’m not just out there photographing people and perfect moments; I make them look beautiful under my lens. ​My favorite part? I love to observe the precious bond shared between the bride and groom, and the way their families and friends gel into it to make it stronger.

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