Rose&Lemon Wedding

To Wanderlust Couples:全港首間以及唯一打造斯洛文尼亞婚禮Slovenia Wedding的結婚公司。2019年更於當地成立分公司和旅館, 親身在當地全程接待香港情侶, 提供最貼身的服務。

Company OverviewRose&Lemon Wedding創辦人Cheryl本人亦是在2018年8月於斯洛文尼亞布萊德湖 Lake Bled (被選為全球七大新奇景)島上的教堂舉行婚禮!

R&L Wedding重視公司百分百的透明度和誠信, 保證公開Partners資料, 讓新人能安心地自由選擇心怡的Wedding Suppliers/ Vendors。

白髮再多 這首歌 卻長存不朽
– ‘這故事’, 2015

“Away from the commercial, artificial, and reality.”

| A Business With Love |:Rose&Lemon Wedding is a wedding company based in Bled, Slovenia, run by a pair of Hong Kong young couple who got married in Slovenia in August 2018. They aim to offer packages that are affordable to most young couples in HK and Asia, while they can enjoy exclusive and authentic wedding vacation experience.

| The First Slovenian Couple From Hong Kong | :Cheryl and Fay aim to promote Slovenia weddings to more Hong Kong and Asian couples. Cheryl, the founder of Rose&Lemon said, “Unlike many other European countries, S-love-nia has an extraordinarily romantic, peaceful, and original character. We are very surprised to know that we are the first young (HK) pair who has decided to get married in Bled… it is truly miraculous.”

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