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對新娘來 說,「美」和「自己」可謂缺一不可。 在大日子之中,美麗固然重要,但若然「完美」便要捨棄自己,還有意義嗎?因此,「展現最美的自己」,從化妝師 Sara 開創She Makeup Studio 開始,便是品牌的宗旨,讓新娘能夠藉著她的雙手,自信自愛地出嫁!

We think heavy makeup hides true beauty. We don’t want our clients to look different. We want to help our clients to enhance their best features and look beautiful.

She Makeup Studio is founded in 2010. A team of professional makeup artists and hair stylists have been strategically selected by Founder Sara Wong. We are actively participating in weddings, photographic shoots, fashion and beauty to commercials and events.

She Makeup Studio welcomes private makeup lessons to teach you how to look naturally beautiful, also offer professional hair and makeup course for people to join the makeup industry.

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